• Your journey to an extraordinary life
    begins here!

    Work and life balance often seem out of reach. Striving for extraordinary will ensure you live your life with flair, fun, and fortune.
    Trevor will show you how to ride the rollercoaster of life, change your world, and make a difference.



    Trevor Perry is a storyteller.

    In this life, Trevor tells stories to translate difficult things into easy to grasp concepts. 

    His Twitter profile claims he is "Australian, raconteur, computer weenie, speaker, writer, motivator, actor, director, emcee, wanna-be artist, creator, author of Never Iron When You Are Naked."

    Trevor is a popular keynote and breakout speaker around the globe - and occasionally at home in New York. He is the author of the book Never Iron When You Are Naked, which contains the best motivational stories you can read one page at a time.


  • I have a story to tell you..


  • Never Iron When You Are Naked!

    Does work fill your life? Have you ever heard the term 'spare time' and wondered what it meant? Are you stuck in a rut and see little hope of change in the perceivable future?Come to this entertaining and lively session to find simple and practical tools that will assist in refreshing your perspective. Learn how to change the balance of work in your life and put more life in your work. 
    In this session, learn: 
    1. Practical ideas of ways to add depth to your life outside of work. 
    2. How to enrich your life. 
    3. How to improve your productivity at work. 
    4. What steps you can take to refresh your perspective.


  • You Are Extraordinary

    Every person on our planet is an individual. Each of us has unique fingerprints, retina, life experiences, parents, feelings, thoughts, and outlook. Each of us is extraordinary. 
    Do you know how to leverage your own 'extraordinary' to change your world, change the world around you, and make a difference? 
    In this session, Trevor shows you how to adjust your own perspective and balance your work, your life and your family. 
    You will leave this session feeling empowered to enrich your life, find your passion, and make a difference. No matter the outcome, you will thoroughly enjoy the journey you share today with all the other extraordinary people in the room. 
    URXO represents a simple tenet: You are extraordinary! Tell yourself, and tell those around you who truly are XO! 
    1. Adjust your own perspective 
    2. Find your passion and purpose 
    3. Make a difference in your world